Book Review: The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker

I have been a fan of Dekker for a while now, having read Thr3e then the Circle Trilogy. This last book, The Bride Collector, has been the most penetrating to my soul. I identified so much with Paradise. The inner demons and self-loathing that occurs only in the mind driving one insane. I lived that until I met my Bridegroom. It was He who made me feel as His favorite, loving me enough to cover me with His blood. My Bridegroom loved me so much that He even gave me a bridegroom here on earth to shower me with so much love that I have begun to see the true nature between Christ and His Bride. Wow.

Thanks Ted, for telling my story, and the story of all of us who have swam in the dark, murky waters of our minds. I look forward to reading your next novel. You haven't disappointed me yet!